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Boosting Skin Resistance

No matter where you live your skin is attacked every day by an increasingly polluted environment. It is suffocated, weekend, dehydrated, inflamed, and unable to reconstruct its barrier function

Awareness of pollution and the need to protect oneself against it’s negative effects has long been a concern of asian consumers living in crowded, polluted cities. Some research reveals that pollution is the third highest concern by Chinese consumers. Concern over the effects of pollution, as well as protection against it has become a global issue.

Boost Your Skin Defense

Look for skin defense products that help combat and protect your skin against external aggression, it’s better to prevent damage than try to prepare it .

Protect Your Skin From The Elements

Use products that offer a long term protection agains environmental stress and pollutions, products that contain natural ingredients that help remove heavy metalsdetoxify, contain high levels of antioxidantsanti inflammatory, as well as sun protection.

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