"Luxurious Indulgences in Earthly Beauty"
Exquisite Artisanal Creations of Natural Skin Care

"Our formulations harness the potency of clinically proven actives and thrive with the vibrancy of nutrient-dense botanicals, meticulously crafted to endow you with a luminously healthy complexion."


Ayelet® Skin Care emerged from the creative mind of Ayelet, a former chef hailing from the vibrant city of New York

Ayelet® Skin Care emerges as a testament to the transformative power of one woman's journey. Founded by Ayelet, a former culinary artist hailing from the vibrant heart of New York City, this venture was born from a profound shift in her life's course.

Years back, a diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis—an auto-immune Neuromuscular disorder—unveiled a new chapter in Ayelet's story. As she navigated the challenges of severe allergies and persistent breakouts, an unwavering determination sparked within her. This spark ignited an exploration into the realm of natural skin care remedies and holistic formulations, mirroring her personal journey of healing.

While conventional medicine aided her internal well-being, the external transformation was equally profound. Ayelet's skin embarked on a remarkable journey of renewal. Bolstered by her own remarkable progress, she began sharing her newfound creations with those closest to her—family and friends alike.

It was the warmth of their love and the symphony of their encouragement that paved the path for Ayelet's departure from the bustling world of restaurants. In its stead, she embraced her true calling, birthing Ayelet® Natural Skincare and Bath & Body. Ayelet's culinary artistry gracefully merged into her artisanal offerings, a fusion of passions that now dance harmoniously within her products.

Ayelet's mantra echoes through her formulations—a symphony of reverence for well-being and an embodiment of love. She eloquently expresses, “In the boundless embrace of Mother Earth's offerings, I have found a treasury of botanical aromas, each bestowing exquisite beauty benefits. My journey has been one of profound fascination, and through my crafted creations, I aim to share this abundance with you.”

Her invitation is sincere, and her intentions are clear: to inspire through her own tale of healing and transformation. Ayelet extends an open invitation, urging you to embark on a self-care odyssey—an immersive ritual with her luxurious products that unveils a newfound kinship with your own skin. The tapestry of her narrative weaves itself into every bottle, every jar—a testament to resilience, passion, and the indomitable spirit that resides within us all.