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Thank you for expressing interest in becoming a valued retail partner of Ayelet® Skin Care. As a brand dedicated to the art of natural beauty and the holistic well-being of discerning customers, we are thrilled to extend an invitation to brick-and-mortar boutiques, online emporiums, enchanting spas, and natural markets that share our passion.

Our product line exudes an aura of environmental consciousness and vitality. Crafted from the finest botanical ingredients that grace our magnificent planet, our offerings are not only eco-friendly but also richly bioactive. We take pride in delivering a symphony of vibrance through formulations that harness the essence of nature.

Nourishing skin health is at the core of our philosophy. We have meticulously curated our collection to prioritize whole plant nutrients, unlocking a plethora of benefits for the skin. By joining hands with Ayelet® Skin Care, you are embarking on a journey that prioritizes purity, efficacy, and the undeniable allure of naturally radiant skin.

As you consider the prospect of partnering with us, envision a collaboration that goes beyond transactions – it's a harmonious commitment to indulging your clientele with the epitome of botanical luxury. We look forward to cultivating a thriving partnership and adorning the world with the timeless elegance of Ayelet® Skin Care.

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Elevate beauty. Embrace nature. Enrich lives. Welcome to Ayelet® Skin Care's wholesale family.