How to Reduce Puffiness in The Under Eyes

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Is this a familiar scenario? You wake up in the morning to find your eyes hidden beneath puffy lids? Don't worry, puffy eyes are just a common problem. Minor puffiness - the kind that goes away by mid-morning - is usually caused by body fluids combining in the eye area while you sleep. But once you're up and about, gravity works its magic and drains this fluid from your face.
Causes of Puffy Eyes.

1. Puffiness is caused by the changes in body fluid balance due to some weather conditions.

2. Puffy swollen eyes can also be initiated by an allergic reaction to food, dust, or pollen, or due to an allergic skin rash elsewhere on your face. If the allergy isn't treated, this temporary puffiness could become permanent.

3. High blood pressure can push fluids into the tissue surrounding your eyes.

4. Another possible cause for puffy eyes could be eyelid dermatitis - a skin rash that irritates just the eyelids. It affects more often people with sensitive skin.
Eyelid dermatitis is often caused by an allergy to a cosmetic or skincare product and, if the allergies keep recurring, it can result in eye bags. Stop using any skincare product on your face as soon as you see a sign of eye irritation.

5. Puffy eyes may also result if you touch your eyelids after handling substances which you are allergic to, like formaldehyde in the paper.
If your eyelids swell frequently from an allergic reaction, the connective tissue in your lids can get damaged. The greater the number of times of allergy and swelling, the looser and puffier your lids get. So if you suspect allergies to be the culprit, take steps to control the problem immediately.

6. Too Much Alcohol is another reason for puffy eyes. The ingredients here cause your body to retain water in many places, in fact.

What is causing your white puffy circles around the eyes? Take a look at your overall health, physical fitness, and diet. If you can adjust these things, you can help to reduce the occurrences of puffy eyes. Avoiding any of these causes for puffy eyes can help to stop the condition from happening to you.

Home Remedies and tips to help you get rid of puffy swollen eyes


1. Keep your chin up in bed. To prevent fluid from spreading around your eyes, raise your head high with two or even three pillows below your head.

2. Sleep on your back. Snoozing on your stomach can make body fluid head straight on your eyes leading to puffy eyes. So try to sleep face-up.

3. Cut down taking salt. Eating too much salt can cause your body to retain water, which shows up in the thin skin around your eyes. Consider taking a low salt diet to get rid of puffiness. This will have positive effects on your general health as well.

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4. Dip a cotton ball or pad in a cup of ice water, squeeze it out and apply it to your lids for five to ten minutes to reduce puffiness.

5. Never sleep with eye make-up applied. No matter how tired you are, make sure that you remove all your make-up and especially the eye makeup thoroughly before going to sleep.

6. Apply makeup remover until the cotton ball shows no traces of make-up. This will keep the oil glands in your eyelids clean and protect your eyes from flecks of mascara or eye shadow that can be potentially irritating for your eyes while you sleep.

7. Cream for puffy eyes - Try our Awaken Reviving under Eye Cream

8. Increase your water intake throughout the day, water actually helps your body flush out excess salt, drink plain water to avoid adding more salt to your body


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