Acne and Smoking

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Acne is a skin disorder caused by a hormonal imbalance on the skin's oil glands leading to obstructed pores and convulsion of lesions like pimples or zits. Severe acne can induce permanent scarring on the affected body parts. Acne's main effects are not physical but psychological resulting in low self-esteem and depression. Smoking and acne are two separate problems. One is manmade and another is drawn from nature. Both can have long drawn effects and it is imperative to resolve both the problems successfully to lead a happy and normal life. However, there is little or no scientific data to prove any correlation between the two.

In simple terms, acne erupts when the skin is trying to deal with impurities and smoking only adds to the problem by pumping in nicotine-based impurities in the body system. Regular smoking has damaging effects on skin over a long span of time. Tobacco has chemicals which when absorbed while smoking has deteriorating effects on skin tissues causing wrinkling and old-looking skin.

Stopping smoking can be a part of an overall skin betterment program. Smoking may not have a direct correlation with acne but it is harmful to the body and must be stopped. In an effort to control aggravation of acne the first step should be weaned away from smoking completely. Then the face must be washed regularly and diet should be modified to suit the new circumstances. Smoking kills hunger pangs. So when you quit smoking you will feel hungrier. In such a situation try to intake small meals comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables especially the foods that replenish the stock of lost B-2, B-3, and Zinc. These three substances aid in the smooth recovery of skin tissues and also help in the healing of acne-prone skin. Quitting smoking will put a full stop to continuous damage to the skin and will let facial skin breath again and rejuvenate. One must understand that quitting smoking is a long drawn battle and fighting with acne is a short drawn battle. Both are interrelated to the extent that winning one can aid in winning another. Many smokers are of the opinion that smoking helps in relieving stress. Stress provokes acne outbursts. It must be taken into consideration that smoking provides temporary relief to stress and is not a permanent solution to stress. While in stress, the human brain activates the nervous system to fight back and response hormones are released from adrenal glands. Also, sebum formation is increased. These two together pile on acne and it becomes difficult for you to fight back. Stress can be combated by meditation and yoga and will go a long way in relaxing the mind and aid in the overall well being of mind and soul.

Smoking affects all vital organs and must be avoided at all costs. Once it is avoided acne treatment can start and skin will heal in no time with a result for all to see.

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