Chlorella Vulgaris Extract For Healthy Skin

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Chlorella is an algae, though it belongs to the group of green algae, it’s a rich source of protein and essential amino acids like lysine, proline, glycine, and alanine as well as nucleic acids, which supplement human RNA and DNA and help in tissue growth and repair. It’s also a rich source of carotenoids and B vitamins. all of which are the essential building blocks of proteins and constitute each individual collagen unit. Its large amino acid component leads many to believe that it has the ability to restructure and smooth out the surface of the skin, particularly with scared skin or aging skin Furthermore, is an excellent source of methyl-cobolamine, the most absorbable form of vitamin B12.

Chlorella Extract also contains various biologically active compounds including growth factors, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing substances, antioxidants, and emollient compounds.

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