Beautiful Feet The Natural Way

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Well-groomed feet contribute greatly to our overall beauty and personality and are the best indicator of how well we look after ourselves. They carry our body weight all throughout the day and they deserve to be pampered, while summer is here they do need extra attention.

So, here are a few key points to keep in mind if you want to step out with confidence this summer:
Start with a daily hygiene - Relax your feet at the end of the day with a ten-minute soak in a warm water and ( you can use a basin) if you don’t have, you can add a few drops of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus/Rosemary or Mint Essential oils, then rinse with a refreshing soap that may contain Tea tree oil as well and dry carefully.

Keep your nails trim - Experts recommend cutting toenails straight across to prevent in-growing toenails. Finish off any irregularities and give the final shape using an emery board. Exfoliate- Apply a natural foot scrub to remove dead skin, paying extra attention to the rough spots on the heels (pumice stones are not suggested, they tend to trap bacteria), in between your toes and the tops and sides of your feet.

Moisturize- Use all-natural foot cream that may contain Tea tree oil, Peppermint and or Plantain extract that helps cool and increase circulation.

Nail Polish- Look for the new water-based polishes that are easy on the nails and environment.
You are now ready to showcase your beautiful feet.

Healthy Feet Tips!
Apply sunscreen to your feet when they’re exposed in the sun. It’s easy to forget that the skin on your feet is vulnerable to sunburn.

 Avoid nail products with formaldehyde. Always check the ingredients list!

Ditch the flimsy flip-flops every once in a while (or completely!). They’re hard on your feet because of the lack of support and straps that secure your feet in.


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