Saturday, August 27, 2011

End of summer – A transition from summer to fall in your skincare routines. During summer, fun activities like swimming and tanning can strip your skin of essential oils and nutrients that will help to keep skin luminous and vibrant. Skin can become dry, brittle and exposed to blemishes. Going from summer to fall can be a breeze. If your Labor Day plans involve any time outdoors by the pool, on the lake or just soaking in September sun be sure to follow these simple steps.

1. Sunscreen should always be part of your daily skin care routine, no matter the season. When larger parts of your body aren't exposed, most moisturizers for your face come equipped with high-grade SPF for sun protection. Many foundations and tinted moisturizers also offer added protection from harmful UV rays.

2. Exfoliate Dead skin can make skin look dull and old. Removing those dead skin cells is one of the best ways to revitalize your skin during this transition followed by a natural mask.

3. Change your moisturizer If you use a very light moisturizer in the summer you may need to upgrade to a more rich formula now to heal the sun damage and protect your skin from upcoming dry weather. Finding a rich moisturizer that has all natural ingredients is the best recommendation.

4. Healthy inside means healthy outside In taking the daily recommended doses of water (8 glasses or more) will help to keep your skin healthy. Your best defense against gaining skin and damage to the largest organ of your body is to keep healthy habits. Eating right, exercise and drinking lots of water are great ways to keep skin revitalized year round.

5. Fashion tips to good skin Hats protect your face from harmful UV rays during the summer and harsh winds during the winter. Pick out some fashionable hats this season and you will find the added benefits of healthy skin under the brim. These can be fun additives to your favorite outfit in addition to the skin benefits.
Keeping up with these five simple steps will help maintain a lifetime of healthy skin and benefits to your body. This will make the seasonal transition easier and without major changes to your skin.

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