Galactorabinan For Youthful Looking Skin

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 Introduction: What is Galactoarabinan?

Galactoarabinan is a naturally occurring polysaccharide that comes from the larch tree, predominantly found in the cold latitudes of the Northwest United States. It's composed of galactose and arabinose units and contains a substantial amount of polyphenols. Extracted through a patented water-based process involving heat, pressure, and water (no solvents), this substance has been used historically by early US inhabitants for various purposes, including cosmetics and medicine.

Natural and Bio-Available: A Perfect Match for Skin Cells

Galactoarabinan is entirely natural, hailing directly from the larch trees. Due to its bio-availability, it interacts seamlessly with skin cells. This interaction proves highly beneficial, aiding in various skin functions.

Exfoliant Enhancer and Skin Radiance Booster

One of the remarkable benefits of Galactoarabinan is its role as an exfoliant enhancer. This property aids in promoting the efficiency of skin cell metabolization. This means it helps skin cells to turn over more effectively, revealing fresher skin and imparting an instant radiance. Additionally, Galactoarabinan stimulates the skin's surface by boosting the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a molecule that provides energy to cells. Notably, this effect occurs without causing irritation, making it a gentle yet effective exfoliating option.

Sustained Moisturization through TEWL Reduction

Galactoarabinan plays a pivotal role in maintaining skin hydration by reducing Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). TEWL measures the water that diffuses through the skin's epidermal layer and evaporates into the atmosphere. Lower TEWL signifies that the skin's barrier is more effective at retaining moisture, leading to a more moisturized and comfortable skin feel. Studies conducted on subjects using products containing Galactoarabinan demonstrated statistically significant reductions in TEWL levels after just 2 and 4 hours, emphasizing its ability to bolster the skin's natural moisture barrier.

Youthful Skin: Fine Lines and Wrinkles Reduction

Galactoarabinan's influence on skin cell turnover speeds up the exfoliation process, resulting in a more youthful appearance. By encouraging the emergence of younger skin cells, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

Enhanced UV Protection through Improved Dispersion

A significant advantage of Galactoarabinan lies in its ability to enhance the dispersion of inorganic sunscreen particles, such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. This improved dispersion results in a more even and effective application of sunscreen onto the skin's surface. Consequently, the sunscreen particles are less likely to clump together, leading to more efficient UV protection. This characteristic maximizes the sunscreen's effectiveness in shielding the skin from harmful UV radiation.

Conclusion: Nature's Gift for Healthy Skin

Galactoarabinan, derived naturally from larch trees, offers an array of skin benefits due to its bio-availability and unique properties. From promoting skin cell turnover and reducing fine lines to enhancing moisture retention and boosting UV protection, this polysaccharide is a valuable addition to skincare routines seeking natural and effective solutions.


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