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How to Prevent Acne In The Summer
Sweating is essential to maintain the optimum body temperature. Understandably, sweating increases exponentially during the hot, summer months. This is when profuse sweating can lead to a lot of skin problems. Please note that sweat itself isn't the problem. It doesn’t cause acne and neither does it have any odor. It is the bacteria that thrive upon sweat that lead to the blockage of the hair follicles, causing Acne Breakout on our body. Summer acne tends to be inflamed in nature, often inducing itching and rashes. However, you can keep your body free from acne, this summer season

Try To Stay out Of The Heat As Much as You Can.

If you are able to, find as much shade as you can. Heat can aggravate skin and cause it to answer with acne and unsightly breakouts.

Keep the Skin Drier—Use Basic Aids like Deodorants & Talcum - Some parts of the body have a heavy concentration of sweat glands. This includes the forehead, genital area, upper back and the arm pits. Keeping these areas dry is critical to limit chances of developing body acne. Ensure that the entire body, apart from the face, is dabbed lightly with a sweat-absorbent talcum. Body talcum powders containing zinc are better since zinc helps to keep the skin healthier, helping it prevent breakout of acne. To keep the face dry, use a light facial moisturizer.

Wear Proper Clothing to Keep your Skin Drier - Looser or easy-fitting clothes are the ideal choice for reducing the amount of sweating. Looser clothes also help the sweat to evaporate faster. These two factors ensure that the skin is kept sweat-free to a greater extent. Better air circulation between the clothes and body also ensures that proliferation of bacterial infection is impaired. This prevents body odor too. Loose-fitting clothes tend to rub less against the skin, reducing chances of developing rashes. This is particularly important for those who are regular at the gym or wear formals for a major part of the day.

Tanning Beds and Acne - Stay away from tanning beds by the desire for a quick tan. Lying out in the sun or tanning in the tanning bed can camouflage current acne breakouts, but eventually the skin will become discolored and peppered with acne again. Tanning causes thickening of the skin which promotes pore clogging. Approximately 2-3 weeks after tanning, you may experience a new acne flare. Unfortunately, you will not likely associate the break out with the sun exposure or tanning bed use, and will continue the cycle.

Keep in mind that your diet may be contributing to your acne - The yeast thrives on sugar-rich, oily skin, but eating low-carb foods puts the yeast on a starvation diet. For severe back and chest acne, eat nutritionally-rich foods while shutting the restaurant doors to the yeast.

Control That Oil - Oil glands are in overdrive during hot weather. Over-active oil glands are one of the major causes of blackheads and clogged pores. To control oily skin, try a water-based toner in the morning and night. Read ingredients, ask a professional and then avoid harsh alcohol-based toners. They tend to dry skin out. Dry skin coupled with aggravated skin is not pretty on anyone.

There is Power In Sunscreen - Believe it or not, sunscreen or as known by Cream with Zinc can really help you keep acne at bay in the summer. Read ingredients on the label, Just like alcohol dries out skin, long periods of sun exposure will also result in extremely dry skin. So when skin is noticeably dry, the oil glands will activate and send oil to the skins surface. So take the time to soothe the skin’s moisture-levels with a wide-spectrum sunscreen made with natural ingredients.

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