Décolletage Care

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Neck and décolleté (chest) are exposed to the sun, wind and cold weather, and must be all cared for in the same way as the face during the professional treatment and at home. The bust is covered with clothes – this is why it has beautiful silky skin, free of sun damage.
Most of us take very good care of our face but often ignore the neck, décolleté and bust. Taking care of the neck and décolleté is no different than taking care of the face.
The delicate neck and décolleté area are often ignored when it comes to the application of moisturizers and sunscreen and is easily susceptible to dehydration and sun damage.
The signs of aging in the neck area are because our muscles lose elasticity – so we have to learn to firm and tone the muscles to hold the skin nice and tight. As we age, the neck and jowls may start to show some wrinkles and folds and begin to droop because of the daily gravitational pull. This, of course, causes the face to look much older than it may look otherwise.

A wonderful way to prevent sagging and wrinkles in the neck and décolleté area is to do special exercises that train the muscles in that area to be firm and lifted. Stretching the neck and spine upward - reduces the likelihood of getting a short and wrinkled neck. These exercises are even more effective when paired with contrast showers – hot and cold. It is best to end your shower with cold water – this way, the neck and décolleté will get a nice toning workout. Wherever the icy cold water hits, the muscles will tighten up and tone.

The neck should be protected from the harsh rays of the sun with clothing and sunscreen. The décolleté and neck must always be hydrated with a great moisturizer.
Use the same serums and moisturizers that you use on your face, on your décolleté area. Look for ingredients such as alpha-hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, and antioxidants. These ingredients will help to slough off old cells to reveal younger, healthier skin underneath. Use a deep moisturizer; it should contain ingredients such as aloe and Shea butter. Apply both the serum and moisturizer nightly or as often as your skin will tolerate without irritation.

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