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What Foods To Buy Organic?
Are you unsure which foods to buy organic ? You are not alone. So many of us are these days. Ideally we would buy all of our foods organic but sometimes our budget constraints this isn't possible.
With the cost of food rising everyday, we all need to be sure we are getting the most value for our money. As you know, organic food usually costs more, making it even more important to spend wisely.

Organic is Not Available or Too Expensive?
So which foods do you absolutely need to buy organic?
It would be ideal if all of our food was produced organically wouldn't it? Organic food is usually fresher, and higher in vitamins and minerals. But at times we may need to make hard choices to keep within our budget.
Have you ever wondered which foods to buy organic and which foods you don't really need to ? Here are some tips on how to save money and make smart choices when choosing organic food.

Foods Vary in Their Chemical Load.
There are some foods that are absolutely essential to purchase organic - due to the high level of toxic chemicals used in the production of the conventional versions. Other foods are produced either using less chemicals or are protected by a tough skin or husk. These are generally ok to purchase as a non-organic variety.

Why Organic is Best?
Your choice to buy organic food is a good one, organic food tastes so much better and is much healthier for you as well.
There is nothing like the taste of eating organic foods! Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides and you can sure tell the difference in the taste!

Tasteless Food
Have you ever taken a bite out of what looks like a juicy red tomato or a lovely strawberry and found that it tastes like --- nothing?
That's a common experience when you eat what most of North America- fruits and veggies that are treated numerous times with pesticides, grown thousands of miles away, ripened chemically and delivered to your table weeks after they were picked.
Many of us have forgotten or never even experienced what a naturally grown, sun ripened strawberry tastes like! When you do go organic, be prepared to notice the difference right away. Be prepared for an explosion of flavor in your mouth, and delight to your tastebuds.
If you are making the transition to organic foods, you may be wondering which foods to buy organic first ?

Which Foods To Buy Organic Always?
It is a fact that some foods are exposed to way more chemicals, and some retain those chemicals more than others - just due to the production process they go through. Some foods, such as potatoes, are very difficult to grow without pesticides or herbicides, and will therefore be more expensive to buy organic. Others are relatively easy to grow naturally and the organic prices are just about the same as the non-organic version.
One excellent resource you can use which foods to buy organic is the Environmental Working Group. Each year they publish a "dirty dozen" list of fruits and vegetables that receive and retain the highest level of chemical treatment during their growth cycle using modern (non-organic) mass farming methods.

Apples - Important Foods To Buy Organic?
Sadly, the classic symbol of healthy eating - the apple - is at the top of the list as the most toxic fruit. Previously, the strawberry was at the top of the list. It has moved down to third place.
Conventionally grown apples contain the highest load of pesticides of any other fruit or vegetable. Think that washing them or peeling them before you eat might help? No such luck - in a USDA scientific study 92% of commercially grown apples still contained pesticides even after being washed and peeled.
While growing in the orchard, apples are sprayed with pesticides as an inexpensive way to prevent insects from feeding on them. After they are picked, apples are sprayed an additional time so that they will retain their good looks for the supermarket shelf.
Apples are used in so many yummy treats - we associate them with love and health and grandmas cooking - from steaming hot crisp apple pies, apple sauce and cobblers - or just the pure joy of crunching on a rosy red apple.
We usually think of apples as one of the healthiest foods available - and have no hesitation to give them to our children as a snack.
Think again! Unless you buy your apples organic you may want to hesitate before you offer these fruits to your kids. And this goes for apple juice as well.
Organic apples are an entirely different story. These ARE the healthy nutritious fruit we all think of. Remember "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"?
Organic apples are never exposed to pesticides or herbicides. They are not genetically modified and they have higher levels of vitamins and minerals than conventionally grown apples do. You can safely eat organic apples - and they taste great too!

The Most Toxic Fruits and Vegetables
The following fruits and vegetables are on the EWG "dirty dozen" list for 2011. These are the fruits and vegetables that have the highest concentrations of toxic chemicals in them.
Sweet bell peppers
Kale/collard greens
These are the fruits & veggies are the most important foods list to buy organic.

Opportunities To Save Money
The EWG also publishes a list of produce which they feel it is safe to eat non-organic conventionally farmed. There are 15 items on this list. You will find that all of these have flesh that is protected from pesticides by hard, sturdy husks, or tough skins. The edible portion is not exposed to pesticides during the process of conventional farming, making it much safer to eat.
Non-Organic Versions Of These are Okay
Sweet peas
Sweet potatoes

Why not growing your own Organic Garden!
Here you can find out how

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